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About Us

Learn the tale of the Jackalope and how we came to be in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood!


A Mythical creature or a Living Legend?

The Elusive Jackalope

The tales of the fabled Jackalope are varied and ever changing. Passed down through local legend and oral history, this elusive mythical creature is one that has appeared throughout Western folklore and Middle Eastern cultures for nearly 200 years. Some say it’s a jackrabbit mixed with an antelope while others believe a deer is somewhere in the mix. Either way, we think it’s a cool beast.

Much like the mythical namesake hybrid creature – Jackalope Tex-Mex & Cantina aims to blend together the diverse flavors of Mexico with the bold personality of Texas to create something memorable – through both our food and hospitality. We do hope you’ll tell your friends about Jackalope and pass along a bit of local culinary history in the making.

“Don’t ever get into a whiskey drinking contest with a Jackalope – you’ll lose every time.”

Our Team, Our Home

Jack Timmons Jackalope Tex Mex Owner

Jack Timmons

Jack is Seattle’s King of Brisket and has brought the heart of Central Texas to the sound of Seattle since opening his first BBQ joint in 2014. He’s proud to partner with Graham in bringing their vision of Tex Mex food to the Emerald City!

Jackalope Facade 2

Columbia City

Columbia City is a vibrant neighborhood in the heart of Seattle known for its small town feel and melting pot of cultures. The diverse global food scene in the area made it a perfect home for Jackalope Tex Mex & Cantina!

Graham Ayers Jackalope Tex Mex Owner

Graham Ayers

Graham is a long time Columbia City resident and has worked with Jack for the last 7 years as the GM of Jack’s BBQ SoDo. He’s a music and tequila afficionado and has always dreamed of opening a Tex-Mex restaurant for his neighbors!

Hours of Operation

We are open daily for dine-in and take out service

Please call the restaurant at 206-420-4796 to make reservations. Reservation requests via email may not be answered in a timely manner.

Monday - Thursday | 12 pm until 9 pm

Friday | 12 pm until 10 pm

Saturday | 10 am until 10 pm

Sunday | 10 am until 9 pm

Weekend Brunch - 10 am until 4 pm

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